an rpg of gorillaz and mangas
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 A message left on the Lobby message board.

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no one can surpass our sex appeal
no one can surpass our sex appeal

Number of posts : 116
Age : 41
boyfriend/girlfriend : Mary! Mary!
stuff(what you have on yourself:weapons,food,ect) : Clavinet, Some cookies that Mary gave me.
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A message left on the Lobby message board. Empty
PostSubject: A message left on the Lobby message board.   A message left on the Lobby message board. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 12:02 am

You could see a dirty paper on the message board written in black ink.

Dear people livin' in Kong Studios
I'm quittin'. Livin' Gorillaz for good. No comin' back.
Ye' wanna know why? How about you ask Murdoc?! Yeah...
Let's hope he won't make yer' life miserable like he did with mine.
And for you, Murdoc: You're dead to me.

With Love and Regrets,
Stuart Pot.

(I'm not leaving for real. It's part of the RP, D will now live in the Basement of the arcade.. He will maybe come back, who knows. ;) )
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murdoc niccals
no one can surpass our sex appeal
no one can surpass our sex appeal
murdoc niccals

Number of posts : 564
Age : 53
boyfriend/girlfriend : kenny DAH!!!
stuff(what you have on yourself:weapons,food,ect) : bradley (my shovel), cigarettes...eerrr condoms... body spray
Registration date : 2007-04-04

A message left on the Lobby message board. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A message left on the Lobby message board.   A message left on the Lobby message board. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 12:46 am

(so this is wot happen on the chatbox... about why we got mad at each other so you'll understand more about it cauz the chatbox erase our messages:

murdoc niccals : *I arrived in the park with a bottle of o'cashey (some butter scotch cream alchool, a little big hard to taste but the backtaste is very good)

mary the zoombie fox : *this night I was naked under a large fancy coat, I saw murdoc with a pretty bottle, point at it as I arrived at his side*

murdoc niccals : *jump when I noticed her* hunh!... man mary don't scare me like that!

murdoc niccals : hunh?... the bottle? you want some?

mary the zoombie fox : *look at him wondering what it is*

murdoc niccals : its good... (17 pourcent XD) just taste it! [ *I gave the bottle to her so she'll drink*

mary the zoombie fox : *take it with an untrusting look and drink a lot in one shot... I made an horrible face as I swallowed. it wasn't an hard achool level... but for a little zoombie like it was... especially when you drink it fast like that*

murdoc niccals : *laugh* the first time is horrible isn't it?... yah should drink some again it'll taste better

mary the zoombie fox : noooghghg.... mary donghgth likeghgt

murdoc niccals : do it once more...

mary the zoombie fox : *I closed my eyes as the bottle when back to my lips... the achool rushed trought my brain..and all I was seeing is mud's smirk.*

murdoc niccals : my dear... don't drink it fast like that! you'll get drunk in no time!

mary the zoombie fox : *I made an other face... but mud was right... the achool tasted better the second time... still it was rushin' to my brain as I gave him back his bottle, I didn't understood what was happening to me.. and evrything was like a dream spinning around me... I fell*

murdoc niccals : *grab her befor she falls* maybe it was too much... but nothin' you precious D can do about *drink the rest of the bottle without breathing and throw it on a tree... then sit myself and sit her on my legs*

mary the zoombie fox : D! *I pushed him lazilly... the achool rushing in my brain was making my body sloppy*

murdoc niccals : chuuuuut.... just stay still he'll come soon *hold her*

mary the zoombie fox: *my ears fold back sadly as closed my eye to not get too much dizzy*

2-D : Hey guys, What's u-- MAry?! Are you okay?!

murdoc niccals : she's alrigth ...just knocked out tought *giggle*

mary the zoombie fox : d! *I said a little weakly as I stood up and walk all lazilly like to D*

2-D : *hugs her tightly, worried* Mud.. What happened.. Why does Mary look so weak..

murdoc niccals : *smirk* well she tryed mud's limonade know wot I mean?

mary the zoombie fox : *I looked up at D blushing and hugging him less tight* ko-oooght

2-D : Mate....Why did you do that man.. What.. Ugh..I maybe still have half of ma' head.. but I know when somethin' stupid happen..I.. I can't believe you that..

murdoc niccals : ooooh hunnnh relax man... she's just drunk nothin else.. not like she's going to die or somethin'

mary the zoombie fox : mary donghght likeghgt limonagthdeghth

2-D : But.. You never know.. Maybe she won't absorb it.. Maybe she will.. die.. I'm worrid man!

murdoc niccals : well she looks great too me mate... don't worry.. I've crush yah with a car an yar still alive

mary the zoombie fox : *I realeashed D and fell on my knees to throw up*

2-D : It's not the same thing! Oh my.. MAry.. Do you feel okay?..

murdoc niccals : *feels a little guilty when she threw up*

mary the zoombie fox : *I wiped my mouth and blushed as I let myself fall on my back laughing*

2-D : You.. You bastard!

murdoc niccals : *I looked a little suprised.. it was the first time he tell me an insult* shut up! *light myself a cig* look she's having fun there

mary the zoombie fox : *I wined after my laughing rolin to the side at D's feet and grab his leg* mary geththg upght

2-D : *gets mary up and hold her* You.. You always ruin everything...You ruined my life.. You are ruining MAry's...I'm mad at you, mate..

murdoc niccals : think I had a better life then you? * raise an eyebrow* look I've lived stuff that would wouldn't even dream about so don't piss me off with that kind of shit

2-D : That doesn't give you the right to ruin other people's life!

murdoc niccals : look I live the way I want and its not stupid goofyass thats gonna tell me wot to do

2-D : Aight. Y'know what.. IT ova' man.. No more Gorillaz. I'm quittin'.

murdoc niccals : just for that girl!?.. she just got in you life! you'll just run back to me crying..

2-D : Heh.. You'll be surprised..

murdoc niccals : EEEH don't do that mate you'll regret it

2-D : You can keep kong studios and all. I don't even care anymore, mate.. Imma go pack up and live elsewhere..

murdoc niccals : I knew that takin' that zombie was a bad Idea...

2-D : No. I knew joinin' ya' was a bad idea. The first time I saw your goddamn car in my store..Ye' had to fucked up my two god damn eyes..I have painful headaches each fuckin' day! I'm leavin' man.. Dat's for good..

mary the zoombie fox : *I looked up at D sadly*

murdoc niccals : perfect! go now you fuck head!

2-D : I'm tired bein' the god damn punchin' bag.. Ye' comin' mary?

mary the zoombie fox : d? *I wasn't understandin' well what he was saying *

2-D : We go home, Mary. REAL home..Where there is happy things.

murdoc niccals : *mumble agrilly and took an other bottle of achool to get myself drunk as quickly as possible*

2-D : Where D can be happy with Mary ONLY!

mary the zoombie fox : happiehgh?...homeghgt?

2-D : Yes.. Happy.

mary the zoombie fox : *my head felt dizzy... and I passed out in his arms*

2-D: *sighs* *I went to take the closest bus to go to Kong Studios to pack up my stuff.*

murdoc niccals : *run after him as I changed my mind* D! wait! you can't leave meh like that... I mean...

2-D : That's the last thing I will say to you, Murdoc niccals. "YOu're dead to me"

murdoc niccals : *grab his arm* look... just listend to me...

2-D : No.. I had enough of your fuckin' excuses..

murdoc niccals : man I'm fuckin' sincere!

2-D : ...When have you been sincere!? You just lost a friend, mate.. Ye' only TRUE friend. *the bus arrived*

murdoc niccals : D don't enter in that bus please *close my eyes*

2-D : *I laughed a little* You should have thinked before you acted...Dullard..Man.. I always wanted to say that to you. I guess yer only friend left is Satan. *goes in the bus with mary in his arms *

murdoc niccals : *whispers*of course I shoud ... *hit angrilly the floor with my foot growling...* that little guhg!!! *I when in a bar to fill mysefl with all kinds of junk*

mary the zoombie fox : *I woke up when the bus started to move, I was panicin' a little with cofusion... all I was seeing it a bright light*

2-D : * I took the bus to Kong Studios and filled some backsacks with my stuff in it. I then went in the lobby and wrote a note to the rest of the people living in the studio. I then went outside and took a bus back to the park and went inside the arcade with Mary.*

mary the zoombie fox : *I wined as I heard countless bips sounds* D?... D? wereghth mary?

2-D : At the new home Mary.. *I went in the basement, still carrying her. It was a small room.. but with nice lighting and a nice bed. It wasn't poor at all.

mary the zoombie fox : bughgt mary likegtht homeghgt...*I was just all confused... my brain was hurting... * d madghrt atghg mary?

2-D : No. I love you. D is mad after Murdoc.. Murdoc Bad..

mary the zoombie fox : marrrdockk isghth badghth D sayght . mardockght seeghth love inghgt agh differenght waght

2-D : I don't know.. MAry.. I'm confused..

mary the zoombie fox : mary cowfught tooght

2-D : We should just rest tonight.. *I putted her on the bed and layed next to her, cuddling her.*

mary the zoombie fox : *I fell easilly asleep... with him by my side*

so thats all... )

one lonely week passed... and I kind of became mindless like an empty shell I've asked in evry hotels if they have seen him but there were no sigh of 2d in all essex....
that afternoon
I got out of my winne with a terrible headache... and I saw the little paper on the board... I hitted the wall

"damn it!... that damn ...fuck..."

I moanned with pain when my blood stream pulsed harder in my head, I wanted to go see him and appologise... but I was so stubborn and angry at him that doing this should take me a lot of courage... if only I could know were he could be...

so I when back in the carpark and opened the door that leads to D's room.. it was empty... only some keybords were left and his plasma televisions... I sat myself on his bed sighing feeling some cookie crumbs under my butt. and I was wondering.. why am I in his room right now?... he's gone!...

WHY?.. maybeh hoping to find him.. even tought I knew he wasn't there...
or maybe founding a clue that'll lead me to him... just in case if I have the courage to tell him that...that I'm nothing... without D, he was indeed a great friend and I had to admit trought my stuborness that I was missing his goofy voice...

I saw a dvd case of house of the dead open on the ground... it was the red gun special edition... red gun... I knew at that moments that he could be at the arcades with his dear zombie girl... but I wasn't ready to go see him...

(that means that he'll do it on the chatbox and I'll pst the rest here)
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A message left on the Lobby message board.
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