an rpg of gorillaz and mangas
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mary the zombie fox
mindless in bed
mindless in bed

Number of posts : 90
Age : 31
boyfriend/girlfriend : D! D!
stuff(what you have on yourself:weapons,food,ect) : wearing d's shirts only in undies, a doll that D gave me and a box of cookies
Registration date : 2008-01-06

PostSubject: HELLO LUVIES   Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:03 pm

Name:marie-lou(but mary is better)

familly name/nickname: unknown/marie,mariewolf



sexual orientation:bisexual

I like: drawin', chattin',role playin', playin' keybord and video games...
hum...square enix stuff, invader zim , gorillaz , video games and cartoon stuff and zoombies

I do not like :slots, people that piss me off, people in my way, people that insult me, people interrupin' meh while drawin', people talkin' of random stuff that I don't care...
SPAGETTI! I HATE THAT SHIT!.... children yelling and battleing or even just noise... I like better when it quiet... and chidrens

History(5 lines minimum):I'm a zoombie and I was under the ground since I can remember, I don't know anything about my past. I suffer of a form of amnesia and it makes me unable to talk... I don't like eatin' people's brain like my mates, they think I'm not normal so I saw the kong studio on the cliff and I wanted to be seen normally the way I am. I was more me then a zoombie, I had to live with humans..or at least try

worship phrases: phrases:(I can't talk XD)
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murdoc niccals
no one can surpass our sex appeal
no one can surpass our sex appeal

Number of posts : 564
Age : 52
boyfriend/girlfriend : kenny DAH!!!
stuff(what you have on yourself:weapons,food,ect) : bradley (my shovel), cigarettes...eerrr condoms... body spray
Registration date : 2007-04-04

PostSubject: Re: HELLO LUVIES   Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:10 pm

hahah welcome on the forum!!!
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